Relationships as easy as 1-2-3


Every relationship needs to be cultivated and managed.
We're helping you not to go crazy along the way.

ask yourself

- Are your relationships with your couple are still fresh and full of love as the first days?
- Do you spend enough time with your kids?
- When you called your parents?

We are here to help!


- Easy and intuitive way how to gently handle your beloved relations with couple, kids, parents, friends, colleagues
- 1000+ tasks (messages, activities)
1000+ gifts (flowers, jewelry, toys, books, giftcards, …)
- 150+ games for couples, fairy tales for kids, recipes for family and romantic dinner

just do it

Give your loved ones a hug.

You can get early access to the beta version of the app.
Just email us and we'll find you.
approx. may 2024.